Obituaries or Appreciations written for MRIS History UK

  • Paul Christian Lauterbur – Homo Universalis 1939-2007 by David Hoult

  • Robert Steiner – Looking Back at the Life of Professor Robert Steiner by Graeme Bydder

  • Ian Young FRS Obituary by Graeme Bydder
  • Ian Young FRS by Richard Syms
  • Ian Young FRS by Adrian Thomas in the BJR

Obituaries or Appreciations from Other Sources

  • Professor Raymond Andrew, in The Independent

  • Sir Peter Mansfield by Peter Morris, in The Guardian

  • William S Moore by Douglass F Adams, in the American Journal of Roentgenology

  • Ian Isherwood CBE by Adrian Thomas, in the British Institute of Radiology blog

Sir Rex Richards
Paul Margosian, Obituary by Prem Anand

Sketch of Paul Margosian by Prem Anand who wrote his Obituary above

Simon Rees as a young man
Simon Rees in later years
600John Mallard