External Links

Joan Dawson – Paul Lauterbur and the Invention of MRI

Sonny Kleinfeld – A Machine called Indomitable (about Raymond Damadian)

Sir Peter Mansfield – The Long Road to Stockholm

eMagRes History of MRI Series

Donald Longmore – The Rise and Fall of the NHS

British Chapter of ISMRM


The Radiological Research Trust – small grant funding for innovative UK MRIS projects

An essential visit to see some early MRI systems and many other medical developments over time at the Science Museum. South Kensington….
ISMRM Gold Medal Winners

Graeme Bydder discusses brain findings in pregnancy

What to expect for your MRI scan

Fully open MRI allowing standing, sitting and load bearing studies by Raymond Damadian’s FONAR company.

One for the children…

Not recommended for your MRI!

Nice bedside manner!

Left click and move your cursor for a 360 degree view of the MRI scan room

Upgrading an MRI
Watch the Helium escape and the magnetic attraction disappear when the quench button is pressed
Ankle dynamic scans to diagnose movement problems
Giving a whole new meaning to ‘Spin’

Doug Blakeley’s Historical Picture Archive of Picker and Philips MRI

Stan Clough’s Space Time Blog – a new take on Einstein’s Theories of Relativity

Niche Neonatal & Extremity MRI in the Wellcome Medical Exhibit at the Science Muesum

Neonatal MRI in evaluation at Sheffield

Neonatal MRI in Sheffield on the BBC News

Donald McRobbie’s MRI Blog

MRI Lectures

Unfortunately there is no Part 2 yet describing how Imaging works but this is a great explanation of basic Magnetic Resonance and how Contrast is generated….

A great tutorial by Miki Lustig
Some basic MRI sequences in clinical use
Different MRI contrast mechanisms
Some of the problems encountered with using MRI
How CT and MRI scans are interpreted
Lectures on the rapidly developing fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to intrepret MRI scans
Interesting talk on studying neonatal brain development using MRI
Registering in-Utero images to remove motion artifacts.
Great lecture on MR Spectroscopy
Kamil Urgubil on measuring brain function at a Gil Navon celebration
Quantitative MRI in extremity imaging
Image reconstruction with sparse data
More image reconstruction issues
MRI Fingerprinting – a new way to do quantitative MRI
Multi-Modality MR combined with radioactive tracer method Positron Emission Tomography (MR-PET)
High resolution brain structure and function from Bob Turner
Lung MRI by Peder Larson

MRI and Music

Guitar music as an analogy for the MRI process
Incredible classic music played using sound waveforms to drive the MRI gradients which act like loudspeakers
Incredible changes in the vocal tract when singing measured in real time using a fast imaging sequence
A fantastic demonstration of vocal changes with different singing styles – excellent voice too!
A beautiful rendering of a Brian Eno song ‘By This River’ from inside an MRI scanner – the singing and harp would be recorded outside the scanner due to the loud gradient noise!

Other History & Music Websites

Martyn Paley’s Mystery History from UK Place Name Endings

MRIS History UK website hosted by Imaging Systems Design Ltd