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This site is dedicated to charting the history of the development of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy in the UK over the last five decades. The eBook, which you can download as a set of chapters in pdf format, contains a number of personal historical accounts of MRIS development, histories of the MR societies as well as obituaries of some of the key researchers who helped introduce this revolutionary technology. A number of links to other relevant history accounts including books by or about the Nobel prize winners can be found below. 


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Contents MRIS History UK Volume 1 (order as contributed)

Personal Histories written for MRIS History UK

  • Ian Young: My Involvement with MRI and MRS at EMI and Hammersmith Hospital
  • Graeme Bydder: Clinical MRI and MRS at Hammersmith Hospital
  • Martyn Paley: A quick scan of  my life with MRI and MRS in industry and academia
  • David Bryant, Jane Cox and Simon Taylor-Robinson: The Hammersmith Spin on Metabolism using Clinical MR Spectroscopy
  • David Hoult: My Time in MRS and MRI at Oxford
  • Colin Harrison: Engineering Early MRI Systems
  • Paul Bottomley: On the Origins of Localized NMR: View from an Accomplice
  • Steven McKinstry: Reminiscences of the MRI Unit at Hammersmith Hospital, 1985-86 
  • Wady Gedroyc; A personal history of MRI at St Mary’s
  • Nandita de Souza and David Gilderdale: Endocavitary and Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – the Hammersmith years
  • Joanna Wardlaw: History of MRI/S in the UK
  • Prem Anand: MRI eBook
  • Donald McRobbie: But, is it safe?
  • Catherine Westbrook: MRI Education
  • Di Everson: Hammersmith Hospital: My life in the NMR/MRI unit 1981-1988
  • William TC Yuh: Challenges that shaped my life
  • Richard Waltham: Interconnections between pioneering work on CT and MRI

Excerpt from Richard Waltham’s chapter about Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, inventor of CT

  • Ian MCDougall: A short history of the principal developments involving the first magnets for MRI in the Oxford Instrument Company
  • Sir Godfrey Hounsfield: Biography Part 1 & Part 2 courtesy of BIR
  • Roy Gordon: From in-vivo NMR to Pre-clinical Imaging
  • Ian McDougall: History of the first MRI magnets

Personal Histories from Other Sources

  • Bill Edelstein: An American physicist in Aberdeen: Good Enough Engineering. in MRI 25 A Revolution in Imaging
  • John Mallard: Contributions from Aberdeen to the Emergence of Worldwide, Clinically Diagnostic, MRI. in eMagRes

Obituaries or Appreciations written for MRIS History UK

  • Paul Christian Lauterbur – Homo Universalis 1939-2007 by David Hoult
  • Robert Steiner – Looking Back at the Life of Professor Robert Steiner by Graeme Bydder
  • Ian Young FRS Obituary by Graeme Bydder

Obituaries or Appreciations from Other Sources

  • Professor Raymond Andrew, in The Independent
  • Sir Peter Mansfield by Peter Morris, in The Guardian
  • William S Moore by Douglass F Adams, in the American Journal of Roentgenology
  • Ian Isherwood CBE by Adrian Thomas, in the British Institute of Radiology blog
  • Ian Isherwood by Alan Jackson, in European Radiology
  • Sir Rex Richards
  • Ian Young FRS by Richard Syms
  • Ian Young FRS by Adrian Thomas in the BJR

Reviews or Critiques written for MRIS History UK

  • John Griffiths: Involvement with SMRM and ISMRM
  • Ian Young: The Societies
  • Adrian Thomas: NMR and MRI: Historical Reflections

Reviews or Critiques from Other Sources

  • Peter Rinck: An Excursion into the History of MR Imaging, in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: A Critical Introduction
  • Adrian Thomas: A Magnetic Venture
  • Paul Margosian: A review of RSNA, Chicago 2019 (short and long versions)

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External Links

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Sir Peter Mansfield – The Long Road to Stockholm
eMagRes History of MRI Series
Donald Longmore – The Rise and Fall of the NHS

British Chapter of ISMRM

The Radiological Research Trust – small grant funding for innovative UK MRIS projects
Doug Blakeley’s Historical Picture Archive of Picker and Philips MRI
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